Pam Wessels

‘ I translate my inner world into meaningful portraits and imaginary landscapes’:    

My work shows observations in which people and their environment are central.

“In 2019 I started a project with a personal story about my maternal family, which came from Ned. Indië. They emigrated in 1934 to the Netherlands. The concealment of the Indonesian great-grandmother is an important secret in our family. This project “A story untold” was born to show that I am proud of my ancestors. And wants to show the story of my identity.

Project: ‘A Story Untold’:  

‘ I started the project  ‘a story untold’  to visualize my transnational, multiple identity as fragments  in my work’.        


Bachelor of Fine Art & Design in Education, at the AHK te Amsterdam/  Amsterdam University of the Arts


Side activities: 

Art teacher at Crejat – private art academy. I  teach and support students to develop their artistic identity and cultivate an innovative vision.

The organisation of  contemporary artexhibits at:
Koel310, Alkmaar | Female Art | 2018
Gemeente Alkmaar | Freedom | 2019


De Boterhal artcollective & art gallery| https//
Art Collective The Movement:

My art can be seen at:

Personal website :
phone 0651700339

De Boterhal / artcollective & art gallery:
Instagram account:    pam_wessels
Online gallery:  artist: Pam Wessels

Media review: 

Het Parool | kunst & media | tentoonstelling Identiteit | notification and image of my  work and project: ‘A Story Untold’ | june 12th. 2020
Moesson | interview about my project ‘a story untold’ with art historian Frank Leidelmeijer.| june 2021

Exhibitions: – upcoming exhibitions:  

Sluistuinen | Bergen nh | oktober 2021
Solo Exhibition | NWZ | Alkmaar | sep -okt- nov. 2022

-past exhibitions:

Ledententoonstelling | de Boterhal | Hoorn| july 2021
The Movement- Nature rules | church Monnickendam | july 2021
Fantasy without borders | De Hallen | Amsterdam| may 8-14 2021
OBA | Amsterdam | may 2021
kunstkijkroute Baarn | Dec.2020 | cultureel festival Baarn
Identity | De Hallen | Amsterdam | 13-6 / 18-7 2020 |
Gallery WG kunst | Dec. 2020
Freedom | Project Daan Roosegaarde | gemeente Alkmaar | 2019
Gather | Haarlem | Sept. 2017